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Bolder Together: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


As food on our menu comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors, no two Team Members are the same, and that’s the way we like it. It’s quite simple: We believe a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is essential for Team Members, Guests and the communities we serve. Our Team Members and Guests are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, cultural background and life experiences. We welcome and celebrate these differences through a culture of inclusion where individual strengths and stories are respected and valued. 



We stand against racism in all forms and condemn all racism and violence. As part of our ongoing commitment to racial justice, we continue to listen to diverse perspectives, educate our teams, identify areas where we need to be stronger and act on them. While our current commitment was made during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is inclusive of all races and cultures. It extends beyond a single moment in time and is a fundamental part of our culture.

We stand against racism in all forms and condemn all anti-Asian discrimination and acts of violence.

 We know the fight against racism starts from within. As a company, and as the people who live and breathe inside it, we champion racial equality throughout our organization.

To our AAPI Team Members, Guests, and all those who have been impacted by ongoing violence, we see you and we stand with you. To learn more and support the AAPI community, go to


Environment of Equity

To support the advancement of underrepresented groups, we’ve created safe spaces and systems that break down barriers and push progress forward in terms of racial and gender representation.

How we’re doing it:

  • Providing inclusive and equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups through our Women Take the Lead and Shades of Operations development programs
  • Giving Team Members access to no-cost education through Best You EDU™
  • Creating career pathways for hourly Team Members to grow into management roles through the Certified Shift Leader program


Impact of Inclusion

We’re committed to making sure every Team Member and Guest is comfortable and feels valued for bringing their whole, authentic self to every interaction, every setting and every space within Chili’s.

How we’re doing it:

  • Creating safe spaces for underrepresented groups through Communities of Interest. These Team Member resource groups include Shades of Brinker, LGBTQ+, Working Parents, Life Changes, and Young Professionals
  • Educating our teams on topics like unconscious bias through ongoing Team Member training and our educational Culture of Inclusion Series
  • Cultivating a diverse workforce through our Leadership Inclusion Council


Community of Connection

We’re cultivating a culture focused on diversity, equity and inclusion by nurturing our communities inside the restaurant and out.

How we’re doing it:

  • Partnering with local organizations like Bonton Farms
  • Supporting diverse 501(c)(3) organizations through local Give Back Nights. Chili’s has been hosting give back events for over 15 years, contributing more than $450,000 a year to deserving organizations
  • Ensuring that our restaurant teams reflect the diverse communities we serve

Learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Chili’s.